Well good morning, everybody, aloha, and welcome to The Secret Art of Huna Facebook Live series, which usually takes place on a Saturday morning. And today I’m going to be talking about gratitude.

So, why gratitude, why is gratitude important?

Gratitude is important because, when you put out an energy of appreciation and gratitude, you also put out a positive energy. And the more positive energy you put out, the more positive thoughts you allow yourself to experience, then the happier you become.

So appreciating your gratitude, appreciating the things that you’re grateful for, makes you feel better, which for me, is a really number one reason for doing it. However, there’s some other reasons.

One is really what you could call karma. So, whatever energy you put out, you will tend to get that energy back. So if you’re going around being grateful, if you’re putting out the energy of gratitude, then you will tend to get back from other people, gratitude. It’s a flow, it’s a two-way street.

Now, you don’t want to be going around with the kind of conditional energy of, I’m only going to be grateful because I want people to be grateful back. I’m only going to love people, because I want to be loved. Or, I love people, and I expect them to love me back.

It doesn’t work when it’s conditional, it’s got to be unconditional.

And, if you put out an energy of gratitude and appreciation, then you will attract unto yourself an energy of gratitude and appreciation. And just how lovely it is when you do something, and you just do it because it feels nice to do.

You do something for someone else and the appreciation comes back, the thanks comes back, wow, that makes such a difference.

I find this with my coaching work, people are paying me for coaching, and I’ll say something, and it’s something said in the moment because I think it’s relevant, and years later, I’ll hear back from them. They’ll say, do you remember that time when you said, blah,? Whatever blah was. I go, nope, I don’t. They say that, absolutely, it made such a difference in their life, it stayed in their life.

So when you put that energy out, when you put out an energy of gratitude and appreciation, you’re going to attract gratitude and appreciation unto yourself.

Gratitude also, it opens you up to receiving. The more you can be grateful, the more able you are to receive. And let’s face it, most of us are very happy if we can manifest what we want in our lives, so gratitude is a key tool in the process of manifestation.

But it’s very easy to look at gratitude and manifestation, or gratitude and attraction, as a transactional relationship. That goes out, that comes back in. And I think it’s important to go much deeper with gratitude.

So it’s not just a two-way street, a go out, come back in, but how can you really make your life bigger with gratitude? Make your life deeper, make your experience and your enjoyment of life deeper with gratitude? And that’s really what I want to be talking about today.

So when we feel grateful, when we truly feel grateful for something at a deep level, the energy that permeates your entire body, it just feels so good. Try it.

Think of something that you’re really grateful for. It could be somebody in your life, it could be a child, a grandchild, a small person. It could be your partner, somebody you love. It could be walking out into nature and experiencing the beauty of nature.

It’s a bit misty outside today but when I walk out there, I might feel the mist on my skin and just be so grateful that we have that dampness. I think about what’s going on in California at the moment with all the fires and such dryness. Here, the air at the moment is moist, it’s damp, it’s beautiful, even though it’s rather misty and I’ve got to drive later and it’s going to be a bit of a booger.

So feeling grateful for whatever in your life, and allowing that deep gratitude to really permeate every cell of your being.

How happy it makes you feel!

How it lightens up your day. When you feel light, then, as you go out and about, you’re light with other people. You attract smiles, people smile at you, there’s something about your energy and people just smile.

They feel attracted to you, they feel the openness of it. They feel the vulnerability, because gratitude as well, there’s a level of vulnerability with gratitude. It’s because you’re opening yourself up, you’re opening yourself up to emotion, you’re opening yourself up to feeling.

So feeling that level of gratitude brings vulnerability, and it brings response from other people, which is just so beautiful.

I think about the things that I’m really grateful for in my life, and yeah, there’s a number of things that in an ongoing way, I’m grateful.

I’m really, really grateful for this house that I live in. It took a bit of getting here, we’ve had some journeys along the way. There was the flood. There’ve been all sorts of interesting things that have happened in trying to decide whether to sell the house, stay in the house, let the house go, but I’m so grateful that I live in this amazing house with this amazing stonework, in a place, in a town that is beautiful.

And I so often find myself reminding myself of how lucky I feel, how lucky I am.

I’m also grateful for my partner. He’s a musician and he challenges me in my thinking and that’s really good. Because I teach what I teach, I can become quite, almost rigid, in my thinking. People don’t necessarily challenge me and it’s great to have that challenge. So I’m grateful for my partner.

I’m also grateful for the fact that he’s in my life and he loves me, it’s really nice to be loved! There’s something really precious about being loved.

I’m also grateful as I go around my house, I’ve bought myself an electric blanket recently, and I’ve put it so it’s just over the feet, and last night was really cold and I put the electric blanket on and I got into my bed and it’s like, ahhhh, thank you, because my feet were toasty warm.

So sometimes it’s those deep, profound pieces of gratitude and sometimes it’s those things that are, in a way, more trivial. But to be warm, I am so grateful to be warm.

Recently I was talking to a friend of my partner’s, who’ve had no heating, they’ve had no central heating and no hot water for nearly a week. Imagine that! No heating and no water for nearly a week.

And they’re in a tenanted property and the landlord’s not sorting it out, and they can’t sort it out for themselves, because they haven’t got the authority, it’s crazy. But when you think about that, it makes you so grateful to have what you have.

I am so grateful for my central heating, I am so grateful for my hot water and long may it continue!

So experiencing that gratitude, enjoying that gratitude. I love music, I love singing, and I play the cello, and I’m actually, amazingly, grateful for my cello. When I was 16, I threw it in a cupboard and said, I’m never, ever playing that effing thing ever again.

Then, the years rolled by and I thought it would be fun to bring it out again. And actually I am grateful, because I met my partner through going out and playing my cello. I’ve made friends through taking my cello out. It’s such fun making music with people, something I’m grateful for.

So, how can we be more grateful?

What things can we do to really benefit from the gratitude and appreciation?

One of the things that you can do, and it’s such a simple little exercise, is every night just as you’re falling asleep, think about what you’re grateful for that day.

Think about what amazing things have happened, what rather nice things have happened, what things have happened that have really touched you, really touched your heart, opened up your heart, because gratitude really is about opening up your heart. So what things have opened up your heart?

And just notice them and be grateful and then ask for more of it. A,sk for what you want, in that spirit of being open, being open to feeling the gratitude and being open to ask for what you want. Such a simple little thing, but it makes you feel good and even improves your dreams.

So there you are, that’s my take on gratitude. If you have any questions or any comments, love to hear from you. You can comment underneath. If you’re in The Secret Art of Huna for Powerful Transformation, you can always comment in there and I look forward to having a conversation with you. I’d be very grateful! Bye for now.

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