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No matter which aspect of your life you want to improve you must start with forgiving yourself, so I would like to offer you my exclusive "Healing Self-Forgiveness" guided meditation - my gift to you!

A Very Warm Welcome From Dr Jane P. Lewis

Aloha, and welcome. I’m so glad you’ve stopped by.

Whether you are looking for your purpose and passion in life, to improve your career, whether you are seeking love and better relationships or just to bring more joy back into your life, I know that the secret art of huna can help you.

The first thing to do is to download the "Forgiveness for Healing" meditation - it's completely free of charge and will get you started on your new path to a better life.

Who Am I & How Can I Help You?

My name is Dr Jane Lewis and I’m a teacher, coach, mentor and healer. I help people find the fastest routes to deep mental, emotional (and so, sometimes, physical) healing and change. I use many different strands of knowledge in my work, and the main one is Huna – the secret spiritual, healing and life teachings of the ancient Hawaiians.

When I first became aware that teaching people to heal was my purpose in life it seemed a very big task. At the same time, I know from my own experience just how powerful tools and principles like forgiveness, living with aloha, emotional release, resolving personal conflicts or developing your personal connection with higher consciousness can be.

The best thing to do now, to move forward on your Huna journey, is to download the "Forgiveness for Healing" meditation, view the "Intro To Huna" videos, then perhaps come to one of the Secret Art Of Huna Live workshops.  I'll be delighted to get to know you better!

"Wonderful Stage Presence"

“I have known Jane since 1998, and have been so lucky to have her teaching at my Huna workshops since 2005 ... having her at our events has been a gift. She has a wonderful stage presence, and most importantly, I trust her to teach the material from the Huna lineage that I carry.  I can say that I am very particular with who I have on stage at my workshops. Thank you so much!!’  

Matthew B. James, MA. &

"Love For Your Path Shines Through"

“I have had the pleasure to be in several of your classes on my Huna path. I see you as a true model of excellence in your craft. You know your stuff!! You are fun and entertaining and the love for your path shines through. I look forward to learning from you more as we continue along this part of our shared journey.”  

Maria Simard, Boston,MA USA

"I Highly Recommend Her"

“Jane has a comfortable stage presence that makes her Huna classes welcoming. She interjects her presentations with just the right amount of humor to keep the learning conversational and relatable and I always enjoy attending her sessions! Jane has the unique gift of conveying the teachings of Huna with real life examples that have allowed me to connect with situations in my own life and deepen my development as a result. I highly recommend her!” 

Debbie Peterson, USA

"Blend The Practical With The Magical"

“Jane, you have a unique ability to blend the practical and the magical to create within your students the inner knowing that they can move forward on their Path.”  

Kymm Nelson,

Join Our Secret Art Of Huna Community

 If you would like to join my private Facebook Group, please feel free to click the button below and request membership, there's no charge of course!  At the moment it’s a group only for women.  Huna is for everyone, but sometimes it’s good to create a space where women can play together.  As the person holding the space for the group, I need to know that I can support everyone in the group who wants it.  Right now, I feel that’s women although that may change in the future.