Love & Relationships

Janet’s Story

Ever since her late 30s Janet had been desperate to have a loving, long-lasting relationship with the man of her dreams. She’d lived with someone who she desperately loved in her ‘20s, but that had turned out badly, and after that, she never managed to keep a relationship going for longer than a year or two, and usually only a month or two.

40 had been and gone, and she was still single, and deeply unhappy. Kids were no longer an option, but she just wanted a partner, like most of her friends. Sometimes she would scream at God or the Universe to help her, but no help seemed to be

As her 50th birthday approached she felt compelled to start doing something different about it. She couldn’t face another 20 years of being on her own. She had friends, even the occasional friend with benefits, but she wanted someone to be close to,
intimate with, someone to have romantic dinners with and even romantic holidays.

She had been introduced to Huna some years previously and had played along with it, but never really used it seriously. Finally, figuring she had nothing to lose, she decided to take a deep dive into the ancient Hawaiian teachings and see if she could get it to work to bring her a life partner.

At first it was hard to start using the Huna processes systematically. It didn’t help that she was trying to do this on her own and make it work by herself. She would meditate for a few days, then get bored and stop doing anything. Her teachers had
told her that you need to take action to get results, but she always had good reasons
why she couldn’t sustain her efforts.

The number one excuse was that she didn’t have time. She would start the week full of good intentions then forget. Or she was
diverted by other things.

Then, shortly after her 50th birthday, a good friend lost her husband to cancer. As Janet supported her through the process of first caring for her husband then grieving for him, she realised that she had two choices: spend her life doing nothing, or start
using what she knew to get what she wanted.

The first step was to stop trying to do everything by herself and find someone who could help her. She finally found a Huna practitioner who could guide her through the processes and keep her accountable. The practitioner helped her clarify what it was that stopped her having the relationship of her dreams, and to dig up and release beliefs she’d been holding on to that she wasn’t loveable or sexy, and that she was too old to make a good partner.

Then it happened.

A friend who she’d known for a year or two asked her out for a drink. At the end of the evening, he gently enquired whether she’d be interested in taking things further. She panicked and found a string of reasons why she wasn’t interested in a relationship just at present, and left as soon as she decently could.

However, they stayed friends and continued with her Huna practices. The turning point came for her when she decided to forgive her mother for the way she had behaved towards her husband, Janet’s father, and for her attitude towards men in general.

Her mother had had a habit of belittling Janet’s father. She would phone Janet up and have a good old moan about how he was driving her crazy with his habit of sitting reading murder mysteries, and his tendency to turn up the central heating full-blast (and so costing them money).

Janet started to realise that it wasn’t just her father that her mother spoke badly of. It was all men. She realised that over the years she had experienced a drip, drip, drip of men-are-not-to-be trusted talk and that it had sunk in at a very deep level.

Unconsciously she assumed that no man could be trusted.

Releasing this old belief and forgiving her mother for instilling it in her was a game changer. She felt lighter and more able to feel love.

She contacted the friend who she had rejected 8 or 9 months before and started to woo him! This wasn’t something she had ever considered doing before. Previously she’d assumed the man needed to do the work to make the relationship happen.

It’s seven years now since they finally got together, and they are happier than they have ever been. For Janet this is the longest relationship she has ever had in her life. She loves feeling adored, and it still takes her breath away when he sees her walking down the street and smiles at her.

She knows this wouldn’t have happened without Huna. As she let go of old beliefs about herself and about men, she was able to tap into feelings of connection that she hadn’t experienced in years. She found herself able to allow herself to experience love in a deep way.

She’s happier than she has ever been.

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