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The "Secret Art Of Huna Live"
Two Day Workshop

Next Workshop: 23rd & 24th February 2019

What Is "The Secret Art Of Huna Live"?

Hosted by Dr Jane Lewis, "The Secret Art Of Huna Live" is a two-day event, to introduce spiritually minded women to the carefully-guarded, spiritual, energetic and healing processes of the ancient Hawaiians.

Dr Jane Lewis is a leading Huna expert, who brings these teachings from her work in Hawaii, sharing Huna with many hundreds of people.

It’s profoundly transformational, it’s fast and it’s compassionate – you don’t have to beat yourself up for it to work!

Why Do You Need Huna In Your Life?

  • Do you want to let go of old beliefs and emotions that hold you back?
  • Are you yearning for a more purposeful, centred life?
  • Do you want to stop beating yourself up?
  • Are you fed up of comparing yourself to other women who seem to make it all work?
  • Do you limit yourself because you feel afraid of failure, or of being seen?
  • Do you deeply desire more joy, hope and lightness in your life?

In this two-day workshop, you will learn ancient tools and techniques so you can release the baggage and step into your own power – whatever that means for you.

You’ll have ongoing support during the event and afterwards, so you can really step into a more centred version of who you really are.

"Serious High Level Awesomeness..."

Thank you Jane for a wonderful workshop.  As I have had the privilege of having you as my Coach before, I knew this workshop would be some serious, high level awesomeness too.  I learned a lot today, and I feel that all the tools we got are easy to use at home as well.  Anger, sadness, shame, fear are all part of our lives, and they often form strong obstacles.  I am happy that we managed to work with all of these biggies today and I can't wait to find out the long term effects.  The material was rich and well-paced. Extra points for the venue.  I cannot think of one single person around me who could bot benefit from the knowledge you share. Thank you, Monika (Delegate, Secret Art Of Huna Live)

What Will You Get Out Of Attending "The Secret Art of Huna Live"?

  • Release old, long-held negative emotions like sadness, shame and guilt quickly and easily.
  • Let go of old beliefs that hold you back from achieving your destiny.
  • Learn how to use these releases for yourself at home at any time for profound emotional self-healing
  • Discover how to clear the impact of other people’s energy, enabling you to have more energy of your own
  • Experience the extraordinary vibration of live Hawaiian chanting to help you heal and connect.
  • Learn simple breathing and meditation practices to nurture and centre you.
  • Experience the full Hawaiian forgiveness meditation and clearing (ho’oponopono) in a way you have not experienced before to forgive and be forgiven. This in itself will greatly accelerate your personal healing and free you from old ties which limit you.
  • A deeper, more meaningful connection to Higher Consciousness
  • You’ll also have the chance to connect with amazing, like-minded women in a supportive and compassionate environment.
  • An induction to a unique Hawaiian energy healing system which predates reiki by many years. It has its own very special lineage, which is not widely shared, and it is humongously powerful. After day two, you’ll be able to use it for yourself and for others.

Where Is It?

We host our events in and around historic Oxford which is easy to get to, in the middle of the UK.

Who Will Be There?

Most of the delegates are spiritually minded women who are curious about exploring Huna.

Some have heard about ho’oponopono, the Hawai’ian forgiveness process, some just feel the call of Hawai’i, some like learning with other women., some want to clear out their old emotional baggage as fast as possible and they know their time is now.

Business owners , senior business leaders in large organisations, retired women, stay at home mums, women going for a career change, self-employed … women from all walks of life and a great range of ages.

We limit the number of places at the event so you have the chance to connect, and if you don’t know anyone when you get here, we’ll support you to find a new tribe.

How Does It Work?

The workshop is experiential, so you have a real experience of using what we’re teaching you there and then.

We’ll teach you some theory to help you make sense of the processes and feel them at a deeper level, although this workshop is not about theory.

You’ll have plenty of chances to get to know other people if that’s important to you, and time for self-reflection too.

Who Is Teaching?

The workshop is lead by Dr Jane Lewis – one of the leading teachers of Huna outside the USA, and a leadership coach and facilitator for over 20 years.

Jane’s clients experience radical and powerful transformations that change them at the deepest level and leave them feeling hopeful, lighter and filled with joy. Jane’s purpose is to guide people through transformation so they can step into their true magnificence.

Join us and get ready to lighten your every experience with the secret art of Huna.

Your Investment

Space is limited as we like to keep this event intimate.  Your investment for the full two days is £294.00.

Booking Bonus

I am offering a complimentary virtual Huna session with me. This alone is worth over £200.

Your Satisfaction Guarantee

If you come along to the Secret Art Of Huna Live, hate it and leave before lunchtime on the first day, I’ll refund your money 100%, no questions asked.

What People Say About Working With Jane

“Jane, you have a unique ability to blend the practical and the magical to create within your students the inner knowing that they can move forward on their Path.”  Kymm Nelson,

” Your teachings have been enlightening and our conversations have been inspiring. I always look forward to your classes. Sincerely, Kristen” Kristen Seifert

“Jane has a comfortable stage presence that makes her Huna classes welcoming. She interjects her presentations with just the right amount of humor to keep the learning conversational and relatable and I always enjoy attending her sessions! Jane has the unique gift of conveying the teachings of Huna with real life examples that have allowed me to connect with situations in my own life and deepen my development as a result. I highly recommend her!” Debbie Peterson, USA

“I have known Jane since 1998, and have been so lucky to have her teaching at my Huna workshops since 2005. We have been teaching these workshops to thousands for 22 years now, and having her at our events has been a gift. She has a wonderful stage presence, and most importantly, I trust her to teach the material from the Huna lineage that I carry. As a Master Trainer of NLP, a trainer of Huna, and the president of an accredited university, I can say that I am very particular with who I have on stage at my workshops, and Jane is someone that is up teaching for me at my trainings. Thank you so much!!’  Matthew B. James, MA, PhD  &

“I have had the pleasure to be in several of your classes on my Huna path. I see you as a true model of excellence in your craft. You know your stuff!! You are fun and entertaining and the love for your path shines through. I look forward to learning from you more as we continue along this part of our shared journey.”  Maria Simard, Boston,MA USA

“You just can’t make this up! A few weeks ago I did a (Huna) process on releasing anger. As I opened my eyes after the process I looked out of the window and what appeared to be a white pigeon was looking at me. Turns out it was a dove, 2 of them (Yes when I want to manifest peace I can get literal). After that all of my horoscopes were about my 4th house, nesting, family, love, peace. So the doves stayed, at first I wasn’t sure about them, they are kinda flappy, but we called them Meghan and Harry and grew pretty fond of them. On Sunday they had their babies.  They are very small balls of fuzz and it was pretty much just as emotional as when I had my own babies.  Feels like they are living evidence of the integration that is going on for me right now.” Carly Hope, UK

A Bit More Background

Dr Jane Lewis is one of the leading teachers of Huna, the ancient Hawaiian tradition of healing and spiritual development. She has studied Huna-based Leadership at PhD level, and has been teaching Huna for over 13 years. Her clients experience radical and powerful transformations that change them at the deepest level, and leave them feeling hopeful, lighter and filled with joy.

So What Does That Mean In Practice?

Jane says “I really have been there, done it and got the very uncomfortable hair shirt. After years of unhappiness, I ended up a walking, talking brain on legs, because that was what my employers expected of me, and it was the best way to cover up the fact that I felt like crap underneath albeit with a very outgoing, breezy, party-animal exterior.

I absolutely would not go near anything spiritual or weird, and it was only desperation that got me near NLP (which to my mind had no basis in evidence). And as for working with energy…well!

I can be a really slow learner, and it took me a few years to work out that Huna was part of my life’s path. But what started as part of an ‘I’m so desperate I’ll try anything’ approach to personal development has become a way of life for me. I’ve seen the impact Huna has had on my life, on the lives of my friends, and most importantly on the lives of my students and clients.

There is something truly magical when, several years on, a student tells you what a difference you made in their lives, and that’s what gets me out of bed in the morning. Take a look at what some of my students have said above – it brings real joy to my heart when I read their comments.

The Hawaiians have a saying: “There are many paths to the light” and Huna is but one path to a happier, more successful, more centred you. But some of those paths can be rather lacking in compassion – Huna really encourages compassion through the philosophy of Aloha (love).

And some of them can be very slow. The way we teach Huna supports rapid transformation in an empowering way, so everything I teach you, you can take away and use for yourself whenever you need it.

In my book, that’s true empowerment.