How Huna Can Help You

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My name is Dr Jane Lewis and I’m a teacher, coach, mentor and healer. I help people find the fastest routes to deep mental, emotional (and so, sometimes, physical) healing and change. I use many different strands of knowledge in my work, and the main one is Huna – the secret spiritual, healing and life teachings of the ancient Hawaiians.

When I first became aware that teaching people to heal was my purpose in life it seemed a very big task. At the same time, I know from my own experience just how powerful tools and principles like forgiveness, living with aloha, emotional release, resolving personal conflicts or developing your personal connection with higher consciousness can be

Self-Healing With Huna, Ho’oponopono and Aloha

One of the reasons I love using Huna to help other people, is because it was a major factor in my own recovery from clinical depression.

When I realised I was clinically depressed (even before I got the official diagnosis), I resolved to heal myself without using the pills. It was a long journey, and I travelled down many roads, but what finally started my recovery was the discovery of NLP.

Through NLP, I discovered Huna. There are many elements to Huna that help self-healing, but for me the big ones were learning about forgiveness (ho’oponopono), experiencing love at the deepest level (aloha), and applying a spiritual release technique. If you only ever learned about those 3 things, you could create a radically happier life.

And so begun a journey that I have now been on for nearly 20 years.

Sunrise from Pu’uhuluhulu, Hawai’i

Jane's Professional Background

Jane is Oxford-educated, with an MBA, a degree in psychology and a PhD in Esoteric Studies. She has been studying Huna – the secret  spiritual, healing and life teachings of the ancient Hawaiians for nearly 20 years. For the past 11 years she has being going twice a year to Hawaii to teach Huna to groups of 50+ people. Her students and clients enthuse about her wisdom and knowledge, her passion for helping others, and her ability to make learning fun.

Over the years, Jane has studied a range of spiritual traditions. Her first degree is in Classical Arabic, so she has actually studied the Koran in the original. However, it is Huna that has really engaged her at a spiritual level, rather than a purely academic one.

Jane also has over 30 years’ experience in the corporate world as a management consultant, trainer, facilitator, executive coach and supervisor of coaches. Clients include global organisations such as Shell, BP, Barclays Bank, and Amnesty International; major government departments in the UK and Holland; smaller charities and companies; and leading Business Schools such as Cass, Judge, Chicago Booth and London Business School.

In parallel with her corporate career, Jane also developed her knowledge and understanding of both the human mind and physical healing modalities. She is a certified trainer of NLP and Time Line Therapy, a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and an Accredited Executive coach. She is also a qualified massage therapist, aromatherapist and cranio-sacral therapist, enabling her to bring her understanding of how the body works to help people create healing and change at all levels of their being.

Her forgiveness work has been featured in Red magazine.

King David Kalakaua’s Bathing Pond